It should be noted that Claudine rebuffed Brian’s first romantic overture. That it was a drunken proclamation sent via AOL Instant Messenger from a freshman dorm room is beside the point. All that matters is that by the time these two graduated from college, they had found each other, and that’s when this adventure really began.

Nevermind that the next six years included such thrilling chapters as “Law School” and “Consulting.” They managed to keep things exciting with stints in and trips to China, India, Southeast Asia, and Omaha. Faced with a crossroads in life, Claudine yearned to return to her passions for Asia and international development work. Brian longed for…well, anything but the status quo. Seeking the simplest, most obvious solution, the couple decided to move to Kathmandu, where Claudine spent a summer doing research in college and the newlyweds once honeymooned in bliss. Except for that one food poisoning incident.

The Kathmanduo was born, and for one glorious year Claudine and Brian weathered the highs and lows of living in a new country and culture. Get a quick glimpse of the highlights (and lowlights) here.

Claudine is originally from Annapolis, Maryland but claims the entire eastern seaboard as home. She received her undergraduate degree in East Asian Studies from Harvard and a Master’s in City Planning from MIT.

Brian is a proud Michigander, born in Flint. He received his undergraduate degree in Government from Harvard, a Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a JD from Harvard Law School. He no longer uses America Online.