Friday, September 30, 2011

High Life on the High Line

As an urban planner, I was really excited about finally getting a chance to visit New York's High Line -- elevated freight tracks that have been cleverly repurposed as a fantastic public park that winds its way north from Chelsea. Here are some snapshots.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Scenes from our recent visit to the 9/11 Memorial:

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scenes from New York

Hi folks. Sorry for being a bit out of touch -- the last few days have been a fabulous whirlwind of wedding celebrations (congrats Kate and Steve!), reunions with friends, and travel.

As we catch our breath momentarily in New York, we thought we would share a few photos that we snapped yesterday while walking around the city.

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Everything's just fine here.

Street food, NYC-style.

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn.

Delicious vegan lunch at Sun in Bloom.

City skyline from the Great Lawn in Central Park.

Soaking up green grass while we can.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kathmandu vs. Chicago Continued

We leave Chicago today to head out to the east coast. Before we go, we want to share more compare/contrast photos.




Public Transport:

Microbus, Kathmandu

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CTA Bus, Chicago


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Traffic north of the Bagmati Bridge, Kathmandu

Chicago Skyway Toll lineup, Chicago

Electrical Wires:




Indian sweets, Sangam Sweets Restaurant, Kathmandu

Pecan roll, Anne Sather Restaurant, Chicago

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kathmandu vs. Chicago: Compare and Contrast

We are back in the City of Big Shoulders. Not too much has changed since we last lived here in early 2011, but it certainly feels different from our newly adopted home base of Kathmandu. With the compare/contrast, we certainly do not mean to imply that one is necessarily better than the other. We will let the photos do the talking and you can decide for yourselves. To each his own.


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Himalayas from a cafe rooftop, Patan

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Kathmandu from our apartment rooftop

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Chicago from Shedd Aquarium

Chicago looking south on the lake shore

Urban River:

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Bagmati River, Kathmandu

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Chicago River, Chicago

Grocery Meats:

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Bhat-Bhateni Super Market, Kathmandu

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Local Purveyor, Kathmandu

Whole Foods Supermarket, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Fast Food:

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Chaat food stall, Bhat-Bhateni Super Market, Kathmandu

The Loop, Chicago

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Voyage

We were in Nepal for the recent earthquake in America's northeast. This time around, we were in the US for Nepal's latest quake. Thankfully, neither was too catastrophic, at least relative to other more deadly quakes. Maybe we are earthquake kryptonite?

In other news...

Three flights, three continents, 9,242 miles, and countless photos.

Kathmandu to Bahrain to Frankfurt to Chicago through the eyes of the Kathmanduo.

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Ready to go!

Katmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport, waiting for our flight.

Free upgrade to business class!

So this is how the other half lives.

Some culture at the Bahrain airport.

And Starbucks, of course.

Good morning, Frankfurt!

Tied in knots waiting for the final leg of the journey.

Chicago O'Hare = America!