Thursday, January 5, 2012

30 Before 30: Final Update

Drum roll, please! With only three days until my 30th birthday, it is time for a final update on my goal to fund 30 Kiva borrowers before entering my next decade.

To date, my very generous lending team of 26 people has funded 36 loans totaling $1,125. Wowza! I feel incredibly honored and grateful.

You know who else is grateful? Those 36 Kiva borrowers. Let's take one last peek at where they come from and what they do.

The 36 borrowers represent 21 different countries.

Somoa wins as the country with the most borrowers (four), followed by Cambodia, Colombia, Nepal, and Peru, which are tied with three borrowers each.

The borrowers work across nine different sectors, from food and agriculture to transportation and education.

I am so excited about the impact that we have made.

On a personal level, I could not be happier about this fitting conclusion to my 20s. Almost a year ago, one day after my 29th birthday, I flew out to San Francisco for a week of intensive training at Kiva's headquarters, where I became friends with my fellow Fellows, met many of Kiva's amazing staff, and learned more than I thought possible in five fast but long days. A couple days later, I was on a plane to Kathmandu, and in the months that followed, I had the fortune to see Kiva's impact up close while working with BPW Patan's staff and borrowers.

Thank you all for your generosity! And please, keep lending.

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