Monday, December 12, 2011

Angels Breathing Out

Yesterday we attended the Kathmandu Chorale's annual Christmas concert, this year humbly entitled "Angels Breathing Out." Small details aside, Kathmandu and its majority-Hindu population are not decking the halls with Christmas cheer. Not only would the concert be a taste of the coming holiday, it would give us a chance to check out its venue, the British School. The British School is located in a posh part of town, and we have long heard how nice the school is.

Beyond the security gate, a charming pond and friendly ducks greet you. In English, of course.

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The school itself is...totally fine.

We wandered the grounds and found indications large and small that no matter where you are in the world, kids will be kids.

In the concert hall, I felt I had stepped into a scene out of "Love Actually."

By showtime, the hall was filled to capacity, and sounds of Christmas filled the air. A warm feeling of the holidays swept over me -- or was that the mulled wine from intermission? Either way, it was a welcome taste of home.

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