Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sangam Sweets

We have briefly covered Indian-style sweets on our blog before, but a proper post has been long overdue because these sweets are such a common fixture in this part of the world.

First things first: I hate the stuff. Although there are many different varieties, the basic components are milk and ghee (clarified butter). Dairy does not sit well with my stomach or my tastebuds, so, really, few things sound worse than a big glob of pungent milk and ghee laced with sugar. That said, I think the sweets are really beautiful, so I have been wanting to capture them in a series of photographs.

For this task we went straight to Sangam Sweets, which, to our limited knowledge, offers the widest selection and loveliest varieties in the city. Sangam Sweets is a full-service, "pure vegetarian" restaurant that specializes in South Indian cuisine (think dhosas, sambar, and thalis), and, unlike most restaurants in Kathmandu, has a fairly functional website -- a sure sign of supremacy in our book!

Plus, look at how pretty these are. Almost pretty enough to eat.

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Knowledgeable readers, help us out -- can you name and describe these sweets (flavors, ingredients) in the comments?

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