Monday, October 3, 2011

Absence Memo: Gone Trekkin'

We returned safe from our wonderful whirlwind trip to the US. Thank you to the friends and family who so generously hosted us, fed us, and just plain made our day.

We could talk for days about the trip, but time is a little tight. Today we depart on yet another exciting journey.

Everest awaits. Not the summit, of course (we will leave that feat to the daredevils with $60,000 to burn). Today we are flying to Lukla to head out on a trek of our own that we consider no less epic. Over the next two weeks and change we plan to cover the Everest Base Camp Trek as well as parts of the Gokyo Trek and Three Passes Trek.

We will not have regular internet connection or cellphone service while on the trail, but fear not -- we have scheduled a series of photography posts to keep you satisfied in our absence.

Wish us good weather, clear views, and safe travels. We cannot wait to share our experiences with you when we return.

And if we were writing an absence memo to bosses from a former life, it would read:

TO: Everyone stuck in the office
RE: Gone trekkin'
RETURN: Maybe, maybe not.
CONTACT: I cannot be reached. Don't email, don't call, don't fax, don't text, and do not Facebook message me (because I am still refusing your friend request).

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