Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homeward Bound!

In mere hours we are getting on a plane here in Kathmandu to begin the long journey home to the United States for a two-week visit. It is the first time I will be leaving Nepal or even getting on an airplane since I arrived here in March. Claudine has not been to the US since her arrival to Nepal in January, though she did escape for a quick trip to Beijing in July.

Yes, we are wildly excited for our visit to the States. I cannot wait for access to certain foods and quality beer. Seeing friends and family is also a bonus, I suppose.

And yet, this trip feels like it has sneaked up on the both of us. I miss certain things about living in the US, and I definitely miss closer contact with friends and family, but I do not feel like I have been gone very long. Chicago, it's hard to miss you too deeply when I feel like I was just there (and, as I remember it, at the time you were quite generous with winter's bitter cold).

We are excited to see how our time in Nepal so far has changed how we see our home country (if at all), and we look forward to sharing some of our thoughts and experiences with you. If our posts become a bit sparse in the next two weeks, assume it is because we are busy eating apple pie at a baseball game or otherwise engrossed in Americana.

But first, we have to get there. Just three flights and 9,242 miles stand between us and the New World. Wish us luck.

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