Monday, July 25, 2011

40 Days of Yoga: Week Five Recap

During Week Five of our 40 Days of Yoga Challenge, Brian and I both began to experience some yoga fatigue. Maybe it was the 75-minute practices. Maybe it was the anticipation of nearing the end, reminding me of the last weeks of marathon training when I Or maybe it was not the yoga at all but rather busy-ness in our lives last week that distracted us both on and off our mats. Whatever the reason(s), during Week Five we just weren't feeling it.

That said, like all good A-Type personalities who dig their heels into a challenge, we still checked the yoga box for the required six days last week. The problem was that some days, it felt like just that -- checking a box. We began to worry that we were teetering on the edge of yoga becoming a chore.

What did we do? Well, like always, we changed up our routine; instead of practicing the same 75-minute session of Baron Baptiste's prescribed poses, we threw in a totally different, very challenging, "fun and funky" session by Faith Hunter (who made us struggle and fall and laugh and shake our heads as we tried to figure out the arm balances and other contortionist poses that fall in the category of "Yeah right. Maybe some day.").

And we also cut ourselves some slack. When we were interrupted by a phone call yesterday and completely lost our yoga groove, we scrapped the remaining 25% of the podcast, including sivasana (or corpse pose, the delicious rest and relaxation at the end). Most would argue that sivasana, not the standing poses that make you sweat and burn, is the most important part of a yoga practice. I would wholeheartedly agree. But we just couldn't get back into it. And you know what we said to that? OH, WELL.

Because if yoga -- even a half-finished, half-hearted session -- teaches you anything, it is to accept where you are in any given moment, with no judgement, only observation.

We are looking forward to completing our 40 days of yoga this coming week, with just five more practices ahead of us. Tune in next week for a final wrap-up of our experience.

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