Sunday, June 19, 2011

Window into a Nepali Kitchen

The kitchen in our new apartment is a bit more basic than the kitchen in our former house in Nepal. Here there is no built-in water filtration system (so we use water jugs for drinking), no oven (though we did not know how to work the one in our former home anyway), and no green marble covering the surfaces from top to bottom (but we've got all the green "marble" we need in our bathroom).


Our kitchen is also smaller. But the views are big. From our kitchen window we look directly north at Shivapuri, and on clear days in the fall and winter months, we will be able to see the Himalayas too.

View north from our kitchen window (we have gorgeous views of nearby Shivapuri Mountain, and, when the skies are clear, Himalayas too)

I don't mind the small square footage; in fact, I like smaller kitchens because I think that they make my footsteps more efficient. And then there's the obvious: smaller kitchens are easier to clean. Given that our two-burner gas cook-top takes up about half the counter space, I have to be a bit more thoughtful and economical when it comes to allocating space during food prep, but so far even that is working too, largely because we keep things pretty simple here.

My favorite part of the kitchen is our pantry -- err, kitchen shelves.

Our kitchen

I like that I can see and reach everything easily, like my spices.

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And dried beans and lentils. And, of course, the coffee and French press, front and center.

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Although we had ample cabinet and pantry space in Chicago, somehow they were always verging on overstuffed, and finding things could be difficult. Whole Foods, I blame you. Yes, I miss you, especially your third largest store in the world located in Chicago. But thanks to you I had remnants of obscure food products like dulse lying around, mostly unused after a one-time appearance in a single recipe.

Our cooking may be simpler, but we're still creating some good stuff in our little kitchen. Stay tuned this week for some new recipes.

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