Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're Back!

We have returned to Kathmandu after an amazing trek on the Annapurna Circuit. We are in the process of sorting through our photos and notes to give you a detailed recap of our trip as well as develop an Annapurna Circuit guide for the novice trekker. Stay tuned in the coming days.

We are also preparing to move to our own flat by the end of the month, so we are doing lots of running around -- that is, when we can run around. The country is currently beset by bandhs (strikes) as the May 28 deadline for the new constitution nears, so on any given day we do not know whether there will be transportation or if businesses will be open. This makes errands in Nepal even more delightful.

Add in the heat, sun, and not enough fluids, and you have a recipe for dehydration. Brian ended up at CIWEC today for an IV -- and a gentle reminder to drink more water.

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Hey, we never claimed that we are not accident prone (exhibits A, B, and C), but at least this tendency did not follow us to the trail -- no major mishaps there. We look forward to giving you a full report on everything soon.

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