Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seven Random Facts

S and J at Make Happy Blog recently honored The Kathmanduo with a "Stylish Blogger Award."

These Seattle-based writers and their blog are very stylish indeed, so we are quite tickled that they think The Kathmanduo is stylish as well.

Especially given our beginnings.

Ahem. Moving on...

For this blog award, we were asked to share seven facts about ourselves and then nominate other blogs we find stylish.

First, the facts.

  1. Type-A personalities are born, not made. From young ages, we were both diligent, control-loving children. Claudine meticulously alphabetized her book and music collections (classic rock, then and now). Brian focused his energies on cataloging each and every scrap of his academically-related paper (worksheets, book reports, permission slips) into color-coded folders, a collection kept well-filed in his childhood bedroom for nearly two decades (but recently pitched after a harrowing afternoon marathon of A&E’s Hoarders).
  2. Diligence guided us toward professional ladder climbing. Pre-teenaged Claudine roamed the streets of her neighborhood in rural Delaware, hawking her lawn-mowing services, and she has since worked as a babysitter, waitress, international project consultant, urban planner, and hostess at Zia’s Pastaria in Salisbury, Maryland (1.5 stars on yelp.com along with, might we note, hilarious and accurate reviews). A young Brian sold homemade greeting cards and lemonade on the side of the road and went on to stints as a Flint Journal paper boy, corporate lawyer, and costumed trash and litter collector at the annual Michigan Renaissance Festival.
  3. We love and appreciate good food. The “foodie” label would apply to us, except it implies frequent dining at expensive restaurants and some of the snobbery that activity can entail. We actually cook most of our meals the old-fashioned way and still persist in utilizing homemade brown-bag lunches. Claudine is a great self-taught chef -- check out some of her recipes and try them yourself for proof. While our diet mainly consists of whole, unprocessed vegetarian fare, we certainly do eat meat…
  4. We served pulled pork sandwiches and sliders at our wedding. Yum.
  5. Strong Belgian-style beer is a favorite of ours -- well, really Brian's. He has not found it in Nepal yet, so he is investigating making his own. Stay tuned for his forthcoming adventures in Kathmandbrew. We also like wine, but we can’t claim any expertise or refined palates on this one. In college, Brian took a multi-week wine seminar (twice!) but consumed more booze and cheese than knowledge.
  6. Food and drink-related or otherwise, we enjoy trying new things together. Like moving to Kathmandu, for example.
  7. We’re loving our big move so far. Every day brings something or someone new that teaches us, pushes us out of our comfort zones, or just plain makes us laugh. Still, we love hearing from all of you, our friends old and new. One of the best parts of this adventure is sharing it with you.
And now -- drum roll, please -- the blogs that we would like to honor with the "Stylish Blogger Award."

Thanks to S&J at Make Happy for honoring us and thank you to the aforementioned blogs for entertaining us and inspiring us to be more "stylish."

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