Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo Giveaway Winners

Last week we announced The Kathmanduo's first giveaway: a chance to win one of the photographs that have appeared on this blog.

Today we announce the winners! We selected three winners from three separate pools (drum roll please...):

1. Reader comments: Amelia Showalter won us over with her eloquent observation about the photograph of Kiva borrowers in Women Working for Women. Amelia wrote: "I totally love the photo from the Women Working For Women post. Were those colors coordinated by coincidence, or are pinks and purples and blues particularly common colors that women wear in Nepal? In any case, the photo is a very pleasing representation of the balance between individuality and sisterhood. All those patterns are so different, but they all fit together! Same with their hair - black, grey, covered, uncovered. Diversity and unity at the same time."

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To answer your question, Amelia, Claudine reports the color coordination was by chance, but the sisterhood was by choice. Those colors are common here in Nepal, but bright colors of all sorts dot the fashion landscape. That reminds me of one of our favorite Nepali vocabulary words, rangy changy, which means "colorful." Go ahead, say it out loud. Feels good, right? Use it in a sentence today and see what kind of reaction you get. Maybe we can get it to catch on as slang outside Nepal.

2 and 3. Twitter and Facebook followers/fans/"likers": We used an online random number generator to pick our Twitter and Facebook winners.

Congratulations to @MicheleThomasM on Twitter and Erik Adams on Facebook!

Winners, please email us to coordinate delivery of your spoils.

Thank you so much to the rest of you for playing along. Special shout out to Racquel who particularly tickled our funny bone with her comment. We love to hear back from readers and hope you'll keep commenting and sharing your thoughts with us and each other.

And, just for giggles, here's the photo that got the most commenter votes. Feast your eyes on this dapper gent:

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