Friday, April 15, 2011

Celebrating Nepali New Year: Pajama Party

Yesterday, Claudine and I had a great time celebrating the Nepali New Year 2068. Our landlady hosted a barbeque and graciously invited us to partake in the delicious spread and interesting company (including a woman rumored to be a former Miss India. Investigation pending.). Earlier in the day, Claudine and I took advantage of the holiday's quieter streets and took one of our "epic walks" around the city. I intended this to post to show off some of Claudine's (spectacular) photos from our afternoon wanderings. Instead, our online photo host appears to be down:

We're awfully sorry, but SmugMug is currently in read-only mode. Here's why:
We're having some temporary difficulties. We expect full service to resume shortly. Sorry!
SmugMug should be back soon, better than ever.
Thanks for your patience!

No, Smugmug, thank you! In a country where internet connection is spotty at best, electricity is available fewer than ten hours per day, and I have to seal my mouth in the shower due to want of potable water, you, Smugmug, are the one inconveniencing me?

But moving to Nepal is a wonderful lesson in suppressing your hard-wired demand for competence and efficiency. Sit back, take a deep breath, and roll with it. This guy we spotted on our walk has certainly mastered this art.

It's nearly noon on a national holiday and he's not giving up those pajamas, assuming those aren't his intended outfit for the entire day. For any of you considering a similar outfit and posture this weekend during a bout of April showers, let this snapshot from Nepal confirm your fashion and lifestyle choice.

Have a great weekend!

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