Friday, March 25, 2011

867-5309 (Kushal)

Yesterday I was in a meeting and had silenced my phone. I do not get many phone calls here, so you can imagine my surprise when I turned on my phone again and saw seven - SEVEN - missed calls from an unknown local cell phone number. All calls were placed within a nine minute span.

The caller did not leave a message, as I do not have voicemail on my phone (incidentally, most people in Nepal do not use voicemail, and this little detail might be among the top ten best things about living here). I called the unknown number but did not reach anyone, so I finally sent a text message, politely but urgently asking, more or less, "Who are you and why did you call me seven times?"

The mystery remained unsolved until this morning, when I woke up to this reply: "I call you Kushal Kunwar."

Of course. Had not I suspected (okay -- hoped) that my new friend might call me first?

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About two minutes after I received the text message, my phone rang. It was Kushal. He just wanted to say hello before heading to school. We talked for only about a minute and a half, again using a combination of Nepali and English, before he signed off, promising that he would call me later.

That is, if I don't call him first.

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