Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Beekeeping Shop

Yesterday I salvaged some buckwheat mash with the help of local honey. The buckwheat mash may not leave you drooling, but this honey should. I bought it at The Beekeeping Shop, a store tucked back in our neighborhood near the party palaces. The Shop sells several varieties of honey with flavors from different plants and fruits, including chiuri (Indian buttertree?), mustard, litchi, and, natch, buckwheat.

A couple days ago I bought a jar of their mustard green honey with walnuts.

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Half of the jar is filled with whole walnuts, which seem especially decadent because they are relatively expensive in Nepal. The Beekeeping Shop does not skimp:

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The Beekeeping Shop, though, does more than just produce delicious honey and beeswax products. The Shop works with small farmers across the country to train them in environmentally sustainable beekeeping practices, improving livelihoods and maintaining traditions while spinning small batches of liquid gold:

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