Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inside an (Expat's) Nepali Home

My original title for this blog post simply read "Inside a Nepali Home." I realized, though, that I needed to add a caveat to that title, as the photographs below do not represent the homes of average Nepalis. I am admittedly a bit spoiled here, for the several reasons that follow:

Because the house has an inverter that provides back-up electricity even during the scheduled power cuts, I can always use small appliances and electronics, such as my laptop and phone charger. The inverter also powers the 24-hour wireless internet. The inverter is a true life-saver when there is no electricity for 14 hours out of every day.

The kitchen is outfitted with an advanced water filtration system so that I don't need to worry about drinking water.

I have access to a TV with about 50 channels (for the record, I have not watched any TV yet -- I'm kind of enjoying a break from it).

I have hot water in my solar-powered shower. I have learned the hard way that it is best to shower in the afternoon, after the sun has warmed the water for several hours. Otherwise, my next-best option is a bucket bath with hot water from the kitchen.

Jealous yet?

I know, probably not. But see for yourselves -- bucket baths aside, my new home is really nice!

My bedroom:

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My desk:

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Which looks out over my terrace:

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The ground floor living room:

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The dining room:

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The kitchen (yes, that is marble, which is found in abundance in homes here):

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And, finally, the ground floor terrace where I had breakfast this morning in sunny, 65 degree weather:

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Jealous now, perhaps?

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DA said...

Looks great! I'm certainly jealous of that terrace. And please, at all costs, avoid the bucket bath. It's cruelly unsatisfactory.